I like this structure - curious how your followers respond. was also thinking about doing occasional roundups so people could catch up as I’m producing a fair amount of volume in my current project). About to listen to the Nisely podcast - my daughter and I are hoping to be in the same grad school cohort this fall and something like that could be a cool way to decide what we think about the readings :)

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How cool for you and your daughter! Our podcast isn't anything special, but we genuinely enjoy it. There isn't a ton of pressure because if nothing else, it helps us retain what we're learning.

This was my first attempt at the roundup, so too soon to tell. But I did get a decent amount of traffic going back to posts from earlier in the month. You should try it!

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Thanks! We were thinking the same thing about ours - we could use it to prep for class discussions and then to help retain whatever we glean from the conversation...

Interesting about the traffic to earlier posts - ok, I'll give it a go. Makes sense. Thanks for the tip!

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