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So that was you??? I had been in a pickle, not remembering which nephew loved olives! Thinking it was Dave. Now I know!

Thanks Tim!

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I remember that olive birthday party vividly and Iā€™m also so confused how that happened. Did someone plan to have everyone give you olives? Or it really just happened organically?

Also, Malachi is turning 8 soon and Iā€™m just wondering how he would handle something like that šŸ˜¬šŸ˜…

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My mom claims that she orchestrated it (which I believe), and that everyone brought me real gifts PLUS olives (which I don't believe).

I would never wish that for Malachi šŸ˜­

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We took time and read OLIVE your story. Thanks Tim !!! Gary & JoAnne

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There were so many olives.

Honestly it was hilarious to watch every present opened be olives. It was like a bad comedy sketch

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