We all feel like the internet is making us a little dumber.

If you’re anything like me, you’re worn out on 15-second videos and curated inspiration.

Social platforms reward the lowest common denominator until we’re all regurgitating the same few things.

That’s why I write As It Were, a biweekly newsletter about mostly anything. The topics are stupid—but not dumb.

You won’t find grindset motivation or passive-income tips, but you will consider what traffic circles reveal about the human soul.

You want a place to let your mind wander—a haven of boredom, like a road trip without your phone.

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Let your mind wander

About Me: I’m an Ohioan living in Florida while I finally finish my undergrad. I’ve worked in Christian ministry for 10 years and plan on a masters in English. And I like to run.

I’m working on my goal to become a published author. Subscribing for free helps me build an audience. :)



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Timothy Nisly

Ohioan living in Florida.